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St. Louis has a long history as a gathering place for family reunions. The city and surrounding area offer many unique and exciting venues for families to share and enjoy together. Many of the parks in St. Louis were donated to the city after the 1904 World’s Fair and Olympics (yes, it is difficult to believe, but St. Louis did host the Olympics over a century ago). Most of the museums in St. Louis are FREE, unlike many other locations.

One of the most-obvious places to visit is the St. Louis Arch. Towering high above the Mississippi River, the Gateway Arch is the highest monument in the United States. The St. Louis Zoo, Science Center, and many other destinations have no entry fee and are perfect for groups.

We can help arrange your Family Reunion to St. Louis. Below you will find many of the services we provide. We never charge a service fee for our services and we are sure to help make your next family gathering a huge success.