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Discover the Heritage of the Christian Faith as you explore our Nation’s Capital and its many treasures.

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Though the United States has no official religion, Christianity has played the largest roll in the creation of this nation. You can find acknowledgement of God and His Words written all over the walls of buildings and monuments in Washington DC. A Large number of the Founding Fathers had a deep faith in the Almighty and depended upon his guidance as they worked to establish this great nation.

Our Christian History Tours are designed to give each person a glimpse into the strong heritage of faith that this nation has had since its beginning. Your group will explore the Federal Government Buildings as well as the Monuments and Memorials where you will discover Praise to God for his sovereignty etched in stone. You will learn about how our Founding Fathers looked Heavenward for guidance and gave thanks for his faithfulness.

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Honor God

Many of the Monuments and Memorials

Display Words giving Glory and Thanksgiving to Our Creator for His Guidance. Learn about the Founding Fathers and their Faith in the Almighty.

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US Government

Visit the Federal Buildings and Learn About Faith in Government.

Visit the Capitol Building, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, the National Archives, and the White House.


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Christian History Tours

Washington DC has so many sites and attractions which have a strong connection to the Christian Faith. Though these are easily recognized, they are not always obvious to those who do not take the time to notice. While in Washington DC, here are a few of the places where honor is given to God Almighty or to the Faith of the Bible.

The first mention is easily found inside the Capitol Hill Visitor Center. Right above the doors leading into the Capitol Building from the Center are the words of our National Motto, “In God We Trust”. Congress first voted for our National Motto in 1956 and have reaffirmed it it several times since.

One of the tallest structers in the area is the Washington Monument, which was completed in 1884. A pyramid made of aluminum caps the monument at 555 feet above the base. On the east side of the pyramid apex are the words, “Laus Deo”, which is translated “Praise be to God!” Though you are unable to see this glorious phrase, it does occupy the highest point in the DC area and is a fitting praise to God.

On the west face of the Supreme Court Building near the top of the structure you will find several important figures and lawgivers. Right in the center of the relief you will find Moses holding the Ten Commandments. You can also see him in the Chambers of the House of Representatives.

When visiting the Lincoln Memorial one can see the words of Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address. In his address, Lincoln gives thanks to God and his providence over this nation. 

While visiting the Jefferson Memorial one will notice similar words engraved on the walls of the memorial. Thanks to God, Prividence, and the Creator are all engraved where they can be easily read.

One of the most-recent museums constructed in Washington DC is the Museum of the Bible. Though this musuem has no official backing of any kind, it is fitting that it is in Washington DC. Here you will find hundreds of copies of the Bible and many exhibits where you can learn more about the inspired Word of God.

Other mentions of God are found in DC. Our Christian History Tours will mention and/or show you many of these. Our history as a nation is tightly woven with our faith as a people. This fact is worth remembering and celebrating. 

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